Microbial Septic Solution

Our Microbial-based products can be used for household and institutional needs. Microbes assist in odor control for bathrooms, drain maitenance, grease removal and waste in septic systems.

Microbes in your septic system, will also aid in breaking down solids further. In order to keep your septic tank flowing smoothly, you will need to add more microbes to the system. This creates a more even substance that will flow into your leech lines.

I have been a customer of Microbial Energy, Inc. for the past 7-8 years. We started having problems with our leach field, starting to seal up and not taking water very fast. My wife had heard about the microbes at the beauty shop. I started using the product once a month. The Flowability of the leach field had really improved. I still pour microbes in the septic tank and leach field once a month and have had no major problems. In my mind it is a very good product and I will keep using it for years to come.

Terry Rowell